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Smart Financing for your
Intelligent, Integrated
Data Center Infrastructure

A Strategic Tool for Data Center Projects

Data center projects present unique financing challenges. When making these tough decisions, leasing can be one of the most tactical approaches in your arsenal. Leasing helps organizations preserve cash and balance budgets, but also allows companies to stay current with their data center.


100% Project Financing

Upgrading your mission-critical data center infrastructure involves many moving parts. Rather than paying for your data center with a large initial capital investment and paying maintenance costs each year thereafter, leasing allows you to finance the entire solution by bundling all project costs into one single, fixed monthly payment.


Preserve Cash

Lock in low fixed payments and spread the payments over time instead of absorbing a spike in your budget. Apply the saved cash towards other revenue-generating initiatives.


Stay Current

Technology is a rapidly changing commodity and thus has a short useful life. Through leasing, you can refresh your data center technology as needed to stay current and competitive.


Transparency + Professionalism

One point of administrative contact. Clear, unambiguous lease documents. Prompt responses to inquiries. Dedicated professionalism in all aspects of our leasing services. By making customer satisfaction our primary business objective, First American has earned a 96% audited customer satisfaction rating.


In our clients' words

“The best financial company I have worked with in the last 10 years!”
Tessie Van Wagner
Renaud, Cook, Drury, Mesaros, PA

“We look forward to working with First American on future transactions.”
Meredith Robertson
Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation

“Excellent service. Great people.”
Franklin Lemus
Florida Insurance Company

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